Thursday, 27 August 2015

Need Cheering Up Saturday?

If you're in Weston-super-Mare on Saturday and you need cheering up after walking around the Banksy Dismaland, then why not pop into Waterstones, Weston-super-Mare, inside the Sovereign Centre and meet a local romance author. Romance authors are much more positive, and far from dismal. We write books with Happy Ever Afters for a start!

I'll be signing copies of both my books, One Fine Day and Plus One is a Lucky Number from 2pm.

There's also a Costa, so if it's raining, even better for an excuse to come in from the lovely weather we're having. Have no fear, it will be scorching hot by about Wednesday, because the kids are due back to school.

Considering the amount of coverage Banksy is getting, today, I was lucky enough to make it into the local newspaper - The Mercury.  A few facts about my books are a bit skewy, but hey ho. All publicity is good publicity, right?

I went to the shops and picked up my copy today! (And my Google Alert alerted me to the online article - Yay Google Alert actually works!)

On Saturday, it will be the 2nd Book birthday of Plus One is a Lucky Number, which was first published in eBook on the 29th August, 2013. That means I've been a "professional" writer for two years...

I have sweets and bookmarks to give away, and a very friendly smile, so come along and say hi! I'll be signing my books with a star, just like Rachel Berry.

Oh, and if you spot Brad Pitt wandering around Dismaland, drag him in too, won't you? He'll need cheering up after Dismaland, too.

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