Sunday, 30 August 2015

Waterstone's Book Signing

I guess you're all dying to know how well the book signing in Waterstone's Weston-super-Mare went. Well, other than having problems tweeting and sharing photos to social media whilst in Waterstone's - I so wanted to post this first picture to say I was set up and ready to go! - it was a huge success.

I have uploaded all the pictures so far received from friends to my Facebook page and my website if you fancy a nose around.

Old school friends, Karen and Suzanne
I had a huge amount of support from friends old and new. Two school friends drove from Surrey to reach me, too. All bar one copy of One Fine Day were sold. But I quite liked that it got to be put on the shelf. And there were about ten copies of Plus One is a Lucky Number left. I've signed all the remaining books, so a lucky reader can still pick up a signed copy of Plus One is a Lucky Number in store.

As you can see from the photos I had my sweets out, which is great if readers bring children. I also had a small notepad handy for checking the spelling of names. Nothing worse than spelling a name incorrectly. I made sure I had plenty of pens too, and gave out my book marks.

Weston's Waterstone's has a Costa Coffee shop tucked inside it. So I was supplied with coffee to keep me going.

The bit that made me nervous the most about the book signing was approaching people - I am not very good at sales as past failed jobs have proved - but as my writery friend, June Bastable advised, you do get a real buzz when they become interested in you and your books, and ask for a signed copy.

Because it was a bank holiday weekend, and the weather wasn't too bad on the Saturday, the shop did quieten down during the afternoon, but otherwise, all in all, it was a fun experience and a great success!

To mark being a published author - a professional writer - for two whole years yesterday, I signed every copy of my books with a star, just like Rachel Berry. 

I want to thank everybody who turned up on the day to support me and all those who bought my books. And thank you to all those that couldn't make it but sent me kind messages to show they were thinking of me. It really did a mean the world to me.

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