Sunday, 1 May 2016

Every Writer Needs A....


I long for the days when I can afford a cleaner. That way my writing time wouldn't be disturbed by the guilt of having to put the vacuum cleaner around. (I want to say hoover but we all know it's a Dyson nowadays and 'to Dyson' just doesn't sound the same).

Admittedly, now I'm not married and live on my own with my two boys, it's not like I have to justify my time any more. "What have you done today, dear?" I can live with the dirt for one more day. But I do hate the dust that gathers...

I have black IKEA furniture. I'm sure it makes it's own bloody dust!

I watch the TV and think, hell that needs dusting!

And what if someone turned up and surprised me?

Don't get me wrong, I don't live in a pigsty, I am a naturally tidy person - on the outside! (Don't look in my drawers). However, I would love my house to be cleaner and tidier!

It would be lovely to walk around my house, know that it's spotless clean... and I can use my time to write. A cleaner would do all the jobs I hate doing, and would do them regularly.

I mean, a bathroom... how does that get dirty. It's a room you use to get clean.

So yes, I dream of earning enough to have a cleaner... One day, Teresa, one day.... just keep writing, just keep writing...

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