Monday, 6 June 2016

Can't Beat Cornwall When The Sun Shines

Ben about to brave the waves... I mean millpond.
View from coastal path to Daymer Bay
Every year, for the last twelve years, I've holidayed with my family in Polzeath, Cornwall. It's situated north of Newquay, with Padstow around its corner and is a great surfing beach.

This year the waves weren't so good, but the sunshine was fantastic! (It usually happens that way). And the wind had dropped too, which meant we could actually stand on the beach and not freeze. The water even felt warm.

To be honest, in the twelve years, the network problems still haven't improved for Vodafone, so I am cut off from the world wide web pretty much all holiday. Which is probably a good thing. I can only send text messages from the beach! I couldn't check emails, and it was hard to peruse Facebook with the sun glaring on the screen... and the kids demanding games of cricket.

Polzeath Beach
The irony is that I seem to get a better reception and 4G out on The Rumps. In my caravan, zilch.

Polzeath Beach
Anyway, I wanted to share some photographs I took. (Unfortunately some may have my children in them). This is my inspiration for Tinners Bay, for the setting/back drop of Plus One is a Lucky Number, and (if I'm lucky enough to get my third book published too), for To Love Again. (Although this title may change. I've learnt not to get attached to a title. Let's play it safe and just call it book 3, because it's the 3rd book I've written).

While walking the coastal footpaths, I wondered if I'd done this scenic coastline any justice in my books. Can't do much about Plus One is a Lucky Number, but I can certainly go back to book 3 and edit some of Polzeath's character into it.

Walking coastal path to the Rumps.
The highlight of this holiday was on Friday, 3rd June, when we strolled to the Rumps (it's a good fair trek, I tell you!) we were rewarded when we reached them, because there were two seals in a small bay below. Absolutely fascinating to watch. We were sure they were waving at us.

Sat on The Rumps

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