Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Chippenham Festival "Ask The Author"

On the evening of Monday 27th June, I joined a panel with these five other lovely ladies. We gave a talk about writing romance to a small audience in Chippenham Library.

We all belong to the Bath and Wiltshire RNA Chapter organised by Rachel Brimble who was in the audience.

From left to right: Me, Alison Knight (aka Alison Rose), Louise Douglas, Pia Fenton (Christina Courtenay), Jean Burnett and Nicola Cornick.

I was extremely nervous because I hadn't done anything like this before and was worried I wouldn't know the answers.

How stupid. Of course I know the answers.

I talked of my experience, and of my opinions, and it was a lovely, fun discussion about the voices in our heads, and how we have to love our heroes. It was just as interesting to hear the other five authors' stories too.

So whether you've known you want to write since you were a child, or stumbled into it like me as something to do, working around the kids, if you want to write, then just write.

Me of course! 
You can not edit a blank page. And if you want it bad enough, and listen to good advice, you can make it.

After the talk we had in usual romance author style, homemade cakes (supplied by the lovely Ali Williams) and wine.

Alison Knight
I was so nervous that I wouldn't know what to talk about. A bit silly really when writing romance is my passion. I do need to learn to be more confident about it. And about myself. I have had two books published.

Anyway, this blog post is about sharing some pictures from the evening.

Thoroughly enjoyed myself immersed in the world of writing and talking to like minded people. :)

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