Friday, 19 August 2016

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

It's one of those blog posts again. The one where I apologise profusely for neglecting my blog.

I have been busy though. And it is the summer holidays!

Firstly, I have to report that my big boy left primary school. This is his first and last day picture!

What a difference!

I have given him a mobile phone, and although it feels so wrong for an 11-year-old to own a phone, it is rather handy. And he does text me cute stuff.

At the start of the summer holidays, while the boys were off on holiday with their dad, I went to Alcudia for a week with a good friend.

We had a fabulous holiday. It was the most chilled out, cocktail induced break I've had. Gwen and I had such fun, it was sad to come home.

Upon my return, I was dashing to London to meet with my lovely, gorgeous editor, Charlotte Ledger to discuss books, and to let me nose around the new building. I have touched the Harper Collin's wall of books!

I was chuffed to bits to see one of my books on the shelf too!

We had a great lunch, with cocktails (keeping me in the Alcudia spirit) and it was inspiring to brainstorm ideas about my next couple of books.

You'll have to watch this space on the writing front (not that I've got much done during the past few weeks).

The rest of the holidays have so far been catching up with family, a visit to Center Parcs, Slimbridge. (The swans are shrinking! Oh, wait, my kids are getting bigger...)

We have steam trains on the agenda, among other things. And I only have two weeks left to squeeze it all in... Don't even think about September being around the corner and the start of school! :-O

I promise to be a better blogger. But sometimes, real life does get in the way.

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