Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Another Reason To Celebrate!

Today I received a belated birthday present. My agent sent over my contract for my third book, Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage, with HarperImpulse.

It's all very exciting, and still very surreal, but it does mean the third book that I've written will be published. Which means it gets shared with readers (who I hope will love and not hate).  That always feels good.

It has been just over 3 years now since my first book was published with HarperImpulse. I have always worried that the story ideas may run out. However, I have another two contemporary romance books brewing... plus a fantasy one... and maybe one day I'll get back to writing my vampire story... And then there are a list of silly plot bunnies in my OneNote file too, so I maybe okay for a while.

The Boss says I should start writing the online dating novel I have floating around in my head, as long as he doesn't feature in it. Ha ha!

I worry about the day I may have to return back to work full time. Will I get time to keep on writing? Will all these ideas get written, and published?

I've got a couple of years before I need to worry about it all yet, so maybe, tonight I should just open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the beginnings of another book and that I am able to do something I thoroughly enjoy - writing.


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