Sunday, 1 January 2017

A Happy, Healthy New Year

Well, 2016 has been a fun one. Not. But I do have mixed feelings for last year.

I started it single. And happy I was.

There are so many celebrity deaths, some quite shocking that it just seemed to be taking away childhood favourites, and showing a sign that I was getting older too. Then we don't even want to talk about Brexit and Donald Trump. I fear 2017 may also be a tough year, as a consequence of the results of 2016.

However, I did meet someone (who I will refer to as #TheBoss although we all know I'm the boss really). I went on a date with this man, thinking it would probably be only the one date, like the others...  And we've shared the last six months together... :D And hopefully we will share many, many more months... years... to come. He is my calming influence. So 2016 has not been all bad.

I'm not really one for making New Years resolutions, but I do like to try and make dates, plan more to do, catch up with friends, and to try and worry less.

I have a new book release this year, so this will be exciting to look forward to. My friend and I want to see Jasper Carrott (it's a long story) and he's coming to Weston! We (#TheBoss and I) have booked Harry Potter studio tour for January with our kids - which we maybe more excited about than the kids - so already my diary is filling up.

What about you? What do you hope 2017 holds for you?

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy, healthy New Year. Fingers crossed 2017 isn't so disastrous.

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