Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Officially TWO Teenagers In The House!

Happy 13th Birthday, Kieran! 

This morning at 7.15am!

Today is a little tough. Although he's not at school on his birthday, (hurrah!) he's not with his friends either (boo!) This boy can't have a party!

It's officially the first day of the lock down too, after Boris Johnson's speech last night at 8.30pm. So, apart from his dad, he can't have friends over, and we're not going to the cinema and out for dinner like we would usually. Birthday celebrations are having to be deferred.

He still had me up at 7am - well, his alarm went off at 6.45am, and I told him to get into bed and give me a cuddle! Ha ha!

Waffles for birthday breakfast!
After a breakfast of his choice - waffles (My waffle maker is getting used regularly, and I can see with the kids home more, it'll be out often - if I can get the flour!) - Kieran also helped in the baking of his favourite cake - Cinnamon Nutella Cake. He doesn't really like cake - weirdo - but he does love this cake and asks for it every year.

So although the home schooling schedule is a little relaxed today, he's at least done some DT (in old skool that's Home Economics). He also did PE with Joe.

Happy birthday, my wonderful, funny, bright, cheeky, thoughtful, thrill-seeking, footballing teenager!

Where did my cute little, cuddly boy go?

Still enjoys licking the spoon! 

We have Pizza Hut delivery booked for tea tonight, so not a complete disaster!


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