Monday, 23 March 2020

Week 1 Day 1 - Home schooling

And so, home schooling begins...

Having two boys, a 15 year-old and a nearly 13-year old (24th he'll turn 13!), who both like (that's an understatement) the PlayStation (PS4) I've had to lay down the rules. In school time, no electronics!

A friend sent me a schedule they saw on social media, which I've adapted to create my own.  I'm hoping this will give the boys enough inspiration to not venture onto the PS4. Both boys are on board with it, as both are school lovers, and will want to complete their work the school provides online.

There is time set aside for exercise and fresh air each day - where we will walk but stay away from people. Amongst the Academic Time, there is Quiet Time which will encourage reading (I hope) and there is Creative Time which will allow them to do puzzles, build with lego, play games etc. I've purchased an adult colouring book. I'm not sure who will need it more! Me or the boys?

My eldest said he was going to use some of his academic time to watch documentaries, which I'm happy with, too. It's all educational.

They need to stay in. That's the whole point of the schools closing. So. by giving them this time table, I'm hoping it will make them focus on their education and keep their mental health sane. School children like routine - well mine do.

They have both said they can't believe they might not be going back to school until September. They will MISS school. I will encourage them to Facetime or whatever their friends, so they have some social interaction with their mates, even if it is virtual. They are going to miss their friends! Today we set up Skype to see Nanny!

Anyhow, hopefully it will work. Only time will tell. I've offered this schedule to other mums to give them inspiration, and there's no point creating rework (I hate rework), so if you would like my table which is in Word format, send me a message. I am more than happy to share.

I'm apprehensive about the coming weeks/months, my anxiety is up and down, but also (at the moment) I'm feeling confident. It's going to be challenging but together we can do this. I have to do this. There is no other choice.

I work in retail so I just hope I don't get sick. (That's another blog post!)

When the school holidays officially start in two weeks, then the time-table will be dropped. It's only to be used during official school periods. I'm not that mean a mum!

At the bottom of the table it reads:

Remember to wash your hands regularly and not to fight. You don't want your mum turning into an alcoholic. 

Ben put: No that would be bad! (lol!)

I will try to stick to my rule of no drinking on a school night!

In September, I'm wondering if I'll be glad to see the back of them, when they return to school, or will I miss my children? Five months is a long time! We are going to form a new routine. Life is having to change for the next few weeks/months... (God, please don't be years!)

I have a feeling my writing time might be depleted. Though if I'm not heading out to work on a Sunday - which I've offered to do - I could write then.

Stay safe, everyone. And stay home!

September I might be a lot greyer!

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