Thursday, 7 May 2020

May News!

We're entering 7 weeks into lockdown, and it's May already! So that means a new newsletter has hit my subscribers' inbox.

This month, because I think lots of people must need cheering up, and the fact that lockdown has hopefully meant more have been reading, I'm running a competition to win a signed paperback of One Fine Day. 

I'd purchased copies of this book to take to a library talk in Minehead, but sadly that's been postponed. (I don't want to say cancelled. I want to get there one day for a writing gig.)

I'm in the process of thinking up a sequel for this book, which hopefully I'll get around to plotting once I've finished the current series I'm writing, so I thought it would be a good book to give away. 

If you want to read May's news - it's here. It tells you how to enter the competition. You do need to be a subscriber to the newsletter! You can do that here!

How is everyone doing, 7th week in? I get a little stressed at work, so I'm relieved when the days I don't work arrive, and I'm able to stay home and write - and relax! I am getting to the stage where I'd like some normality back, although I don't miss running the kids to all their after school clubs, such as football, athletics and hockey...  

Stay safe,  

Teresa x 

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