Wednesday, 13 May 2020

One Fine Day Too

As you may know, I'm in the middle of reading my own book One Fine Day. You may think this is a bit bonkers. Maybe it is. However, it's been such a long time since I wrote the book, let alone then got it published in 2015, that I wanted to rediscover the characters again.

I've been begged into writing Ruby's story so many times, and I've actually now come up with an idea.

If you haven't read it, Steve Mason is a Hollywood actor trying to find true love. But how will he know if the woman loves him for him, or for his Hollywood hunk status - and money!?

When he returns to Bristol with his love life in tatters, his little sister Ruby, who's not so little anymore, and much bossier than he remembered, helps him don a disguise in the hope to find his Mrs. Right.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book as I got to throw in lots of superhero references in, especially when it came to my favourite: Superman. No one guessed Clark Kent was Superman, right? So can Steve Mason hide behind the disguise of Stuart Fisher?

Anyway, Ruby didn't start out in my mind to be a huge character, but she did. And now she's going to get her story. Well, when I get around to writing it. At the moment I'm just gently chipping away at it as I do need to concentrate on my Kittiwake Cove series.

Have you read One Fine Day? Would you like to see Ruby's story? Callum and Alice are definitely going to feature, but I don't want Steve stealing the limelight so he may have brief mentions... besides, he's busy off filming his latest blockbuster!

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