Sunday 26 March 2023

My Baby Boy Turns 16


And my other baby boy is all grown up. How has he got to be 16?

Kieran turned 16 on Friday. But my bad, I've just not had a chance to write a blog post, and my RSI has flared up so I am limiting the work I do on my PC. 

Where has the time gone? 

Seriously, I can remember his birth like it was yesterday. He was a lot quicker and easier entering this world, compared to his big brother. And maybe being the second child, I was more relaxed so we took to each other much easier. 

Since he could walk, Kieran has loved kicking a ball. So, still, 16 years on, it's no surprise he's into his football. He's now having to consider playing for a men's team as he's too old for juniors! 

And Kieran has become much more image conscious than Ben. I can't buy him clothes unless he chooses them! (So we had a bit of a shop for his birthday!)

But he's also very thoughtful, liking to buy gifts for me or his dad whenever we're away on holiday. 

He's as tall as me, so it won't be long before he's taller than me, just like Ben. 

Kieran will finish school this summer, and that means no more school-aged children. As of September, he's going off to college to study Sports Science. 

Anyway, my Bubba, Happy Birthday! Even when I'm moody, and cross with you - because you can be quite moody too, I love you to the moon and back... You're working hard towards your exams, and I'm proud of you for that. 

Thankfully, you've lost Kieran The Destroyer instinct... wrecking your toys, and although still adventurous, you're not quite the Kamikazi Kieran we used to know as a toddler... 

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