Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Back On Track

Ruby's just told him he needs to cut his hair!
I sent off my second Writers Bureau fiction assignment tonight. Another one crossed off the list. Now I should be able to concentrate on finishing my novel, Perfect Isn't An Option. Whether I get it done by the 19th July for May - You Write Your Novel challenge is another thing.

The third assignment makes me think about my novel, so I will look forward to doing that. In fact I may start working on it before I even get feedback from the second assignment. It might help with bringing this story forward, and thinking about the characters more (as that's part of the assignment). I've hit a bit of a lull, though I know now what I want to happen, it's getting it to that place - if that makes any sense?

Thursday night is my second Wordsmiths Of Weston meeting - my real live writing group! Should be fun. Apparently we're celebrating a new member getting published. (Dreams it could be me one day). Going to take a long an article that I've written, a humorous piece, and hope that they might have some suggestions for it. Not burn it, I hope!

Well, I almost blundered with a previous blog post but I think I got away with it. I was thinking it was Wednesday today... but no, it's still Tuesday. I'll post it tomorrow now.