Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Only Two More Sleeps

I'm getting so excited now! And nervous.

I'll be meeting lots of writers, published and aspiring ones - like myself. I will be able to talk to these people freely about the voices in my head and they'll understand! They won't ship me off with men in white coats.

And the reason for the nerves? I've only ever met these people on the internet... and suddenly they're going to be real. Will they like me? Will I like them ? (Of course!) Or will I show myself up? (Please don't let me get drunk!)

I worry that maybe I'm not quite good enough to be there ... but there are workshops, I will be learning from the best - at least I'll improve my skill.

So, I've got my new dress for Gala dinner, and found shoes to match, and a bag. I've got extra essentials like coffee (bought the Kenco two in one sachets so don't have to worry about milk), green tea with lemon teabags, chocolate and a packet of Oreos (I'll let you know my room number for the midnight feasts), notebooks, pens, toothpaste, toothbrush and pyjamas! I'm actually almost packed.

As my kids would say, only two more sleeps ...

Yes, I'm going to the RNA conference! See you there.


  1. Exciting stuff :-) I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  2. I'm glad you packed the essentials!
    Don't forget to have fun :)

  3. Thank you! Just gone through my stuff now. All packed really... can't wait.

  4. I'm nervous too - started worrying about the state of my nails and silly things like which notebook to use. I'm there with Ellie Swoop on Saturday so hope to meet you. Mx

  5. Hope to meet you too, Morton. Text me when you arrive. I'm sure I'll be sitting next to someone, we'll start chatting, and we'll be like, 'oh we follow each other on Twitter!' :D

  6. I keep meaning to make a list of Twitter and Facebook friends to take. Mx

  7. Have a fabulous time, Teresa! Not jealous at all... *sigh* ;D

  8. I'll be there too! There is nothing to me nervous about, promise. It was my first time last year and I was petrified but with half an hour of arriving felt completely relaxed.
    I've signed up for a pitch session with an editor this time - now that, I'm nervous about!!

    Rachel x

  9. Maybe next year, Xandra!

    Rachel, I've got an ed appointment too. I am nervous about that. Generally, and if you meet me you'll see, I'm not really a shy person. So I'm not so worried about that. Maybe I fear I'll be out of place and feel very crap at writing, compared to all those other brilliant authors lol!

    I've noticed on your website you're from Bath... I'm only in Weston. Maybe we'll have to meet up more regularly (if you're looking for a writery pal).

  10. That's Weston-S-Mare! I keep forgetting there is a place called Weston lol!

  11. You won't feel out of place at all, everyone is so nice and supportive. Great atmosphere!

    Definitely have to see if we can meet up sometime - my inlaws have a caravan in Brean and the kids are down there every now and then at the weekend so we know Weston well.

    Have to look out for each other tomorrow - who is your pitch with? Mine's with Mira on Friday so at least it will be over and done with, loL!

  12. Jane Holland, Embrace is my appointment. Bit worried as book doesn't really fit their categories... but Jane said not to worry about that. But it's Saturday morning, so it will be out of the way fast... and I can even cry or celebrate at her response ;-)

  13. That's so exciting and I hope you have a great time time and it came up to all expectations.

    I know the feelings you explained. I'm attending my first crime writers festival in a couple of weeks and I'm feeling everything you just did.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about it on your return.

  14. Rebecca, you should have a fantastic time! I certainly did. I'm on a bit of a low now, coming down from my RNA Conference high!

    You'll learn so much and the best thing is, you can talk to these people about the voices in your head, and they won't call the men in white coats to take you away.


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