Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For Women...

Today, as I was baking, I made a list of all the kitchen gadgets a modern woman needs, especially in aiding the cooking and baking to be done quicker so she can get on with writing.

Firstly, a woman needs a slow cooker (mine is a Crock Pot - you can start it off on the hob, or even put it in the oven). This way dinner can be cooking whilst you're writing, or rushing around after the kids.

You also need a Kenwood - especially if you're a keen baker because you just chuck it all in and it mixes! I have fond memories of my mum's Kenwood, and I invested in mine a couple of years ago and have not regretted paying the extra money for it.

Plus some decent scales and a recipe book holder are handy!

But most importantly, every good woman needs in the kitchen ...

... a sexy chef who goes around only wearing an apron.

::: sigh :::

Haven't got one of those yet! Damn it!