Monday, 25 June 2012

My Little Bit Of Writing News...

I suppose I should spill the beans, shouldn't I? That email from a (US) publisher whilst on holiday... Remember I teased you about it?

Well, it read that they enjoyed the book (The Wedding Favour) but said as it was, it wouldn't sell in the US market - because I am typically British lol! - but if I was prepared to cut it down to their category romance requirements (50-60k) they would consider it.

I look at this as a positive rejection, (the whole email was very positive actually) and something I am considering. I have my work cut out now! I will work on reducing The Wedding Favour to under 60,000 words, which is only 20,000 to lose. Easy... ha! Not. It's making a decision of what to cut in sub plot terms that is difficult.

The good thing about nowadays is you can 'save as' a file. I will still have the original, so if I don't like it cut to 60,000 words, or find I can't make it work, it won't be the end of the world.

Plus, whilst I'm editing it... you never know I might hear from the other three publishers who want the whole thing. The editor who emailed me was very positive about it all and said it would probably sell as it is to a UK publisher.

An editor said that! I got an email from an actual live editor!

So watch this space. I'm going to keep my options open - just want to get Perfect Isn't An Option sent off to the RNA NWS. I wanted more words for it, but I will send it as it is (with a tidy up first), and not struggle to make it up 70,000 words. I'm hoping any feedback I get might help with increasing the word count and fattening up the plot. That's my theory anyway.

All in all, it was a nice email to receive on holiday, and it boosted my confidence. So far my experience of getting my book 'out there' hasn't been too terrible. As I think all writers do - especially aspiring ones - they fear their writing is crap and no one will like their voice/story. So this is reassuring. Can't quite crack open the champagne yet, but hopefully it's getting closer.

Oh and this is my 300th blog post EVER! So celebratory inspiration is required... (Gosh, almost forgot). Thought we'd have some Richard Armitage!