Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My Perfect Date

I have Rachel Lyndhurst to thank for the inspiration of this blog post. I think it was something about going on holiday and finding my perfect hot surfer dude whilst away. Interestingly, in the second book I'm writing, Perfect Isn't An Option, my hero Steve is looking for someone a little less perfect.

Anyway, this got me thinking about being wined and dined... One day... one day... And I was thinking of who I'd like to meet, the dream boat who's going to whisk me off my feet and love me forever...ha ha!

And I realised I'm a bit choosy.

Maybe it's the romance writer in me?

I mean, he'd have to have the eyes of Bradley Cooper... In fact he'd have to be as handsome as him, too.

He'd need to look good in a tux, but look just as sexy in a T-shirt and Jeans, and drive a nice car - I want to be chauffeured about! - and handle himself as well as James Bond.


Can dance as good as Brendan Cole...

And sings to me like he's Adam Levine...

With a body as hot as Joe Manganiello's...

And can afford to buy me diamonds. (I'm not really that materialistic, money doesn't buy love, but wouldn't it be nice to have a man buy you diamond earrings?)
(And my mum will like this one) And he's got to have manly hands. Not girly ones. No, hands that look like they've worked hard and have strength.  Hmmmm... I have a thing about hands.

Oh, and ideally, not a smoker.

And there is one other quality he must be superb at....

Ironing! ;-)

Okay, okay, I don't need to spell out the other thing, do I? You can probably guess, considering I write romance.

I don't expect much, do I?

Have I forgotten something? What would you add to this list?

(For the record... A disclaimer - this blog post is meant to be construed as a bit of fun! We all know this guy can only be found in a book.)


  1. He'd have to mow the lawn and unblock drains too - definitely man's work as far as I'm concerned! I'd let him cook now and again too ... xxx

    1. Oh, absolutely, or rich enough to pay for those jobs to bed done! ;-)

      Yes, and a good cook means he's domesticated. Another tick to the box.

  2. I would add a good sense of humour! Can't be doing with folks who take themselves too seriously ;-)

    1. oh, yes, absolutely. And with me you need a good sense of humour, I'm so bloody sarcastic! My family were born to tease each other.

  3. Now this is my kind of blog post! Thank you for the eye-candy.

    1. Happy to oblige. I read somewhere that you should include pictures in your blog to make it interesting... I think these are the best type of pictures. lol!

  4. Um... good luck with that, Teresa! :)

    1. Are you saying I won't find him!? lol! You're probably right... In a book, maybe lol!


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