Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How Do I Get My PC Out Of Its Box?

Today I scrolled down my Facebook wall to see at least three writers comment on how many words they'd managed to type that morning.

This sent me into some sort of depressed state really.

I know I need to get back into the 'Writing'. I can't say I want to be a writer, have a published book if I do nothing to work towards it. However, although I am loving my cosy little house, there always seems to be something that needs doing. I need to get into a routine with the housework (and I'm talking the basic stuff like washing and ironing which needs to be done, not even talking about the C word - cleaning), a routine with the boys, with actual work that helps pay the bills etc. To work out exactly when I should be writing.

My PC is still in its box. *insert sad face* And so I am relieved I have my laptop. *insert happy face*

I've seen the furniture I would like for the lounge, however, I've realised that I can't order it until I've cleared the boxes in the lounge. The contents of these boxes (including my PC) will be going on/in the new bookshelves/furniture. Hmmmm... Yes, see, this is my problem. Where to put these boxes so that the furniture can be built? My already bulging garage is probably not the best place.

And then we come to the writing. I need to edit The Wedding Favour. I can't leave it. Then I need to edit Perfect Isn't An Option too, so that I can send it back to the RNA New Writers' Scheme. But that doesn't inspire me to get back into 'Writing'. Actual writing does. So what the hell should I write about to get me out of these doldrums? A short story? Another novel? Or my memoir? What do you actually put in a memoir?