Friday, 5 August 2011

Book Review: The Love Of Her Life by Harriet Evans

The Love of Her LifeThe Love of Her Life by Harriet Evans

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I really have mixed feelings about this book. And I'm going to find it very hard to tell you about them without "spoiling", as this does have a good twist in it.

The twist deserves four stars really. Because I didn't see it coming. Well, I did see it coming, then the author nicely made me think I was wrong, then I was shocked. It's the reason why Kate moved to New York, and I suppose the frustrating part is it doesn't get revealed until virtually two thirds through.

This book didn't lack emotion, having me welling up in places. But 'the love of her life' (and you're trying to work out who that is too, initially) i.e. THE HERO only features in about a third of this book - if that!

I couldn't work out if this was really romance, or 'chick lit'. For romance, I actually didn't find it very satisfying - we didn't see much of the hero for a start! I felt cheated by the ending, too. It could have ended a lot sooner - if felt dragged out. I think I would have preferred 'seeing' the two protagonists get together, not the final chapter being '5 months later'.

As well, I did wonder if this book could have been shorter. It did seem to go on a bit at times, and I found myself thinking, 'hurry up, get to the good bits'. Some things were either over described or just not necessary - and that's saying something coming from me, who is good at over describing and explaining!

Yes, so sadly, I can only give this 3 stars - and I think I'm rating it that high because of the twist. It's a good read, if you don't mind not seeing the hero much, but you might find parts of it frustrating.

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