Saturday, 20 August 2011

Let's Not Forget Our Heroines

Right, well, I did a blog post about the heroes, (it's here if you missed the eye candy) and it did inspire me to want to do a blog about my favourite heroines.

In no particular order ...  oh, and accidentally, some heroes may reappear here.

1) Lois Lane - I started with Superman on my heroes blog post, so I'll start with Lois. Who wouldn't want to be the girl who gets to date Superman? I obviously loved the original Lois, Margot Kidder but I also enjoyed Teri Hatcher's version.

2) Bridget Jones, because she worries about all the things real women worry about. I enjoyed reading the book, and loved the adaptation of the film, even if Renee isn't really British. 

3) Kate from Lost. Maybe because she had Jack and Sawyer at times 'fighting' over her. But her heart really was in the right place, and she knew how to take care of herself.

4) Juliet from Lost also spices things up. Actually my favourite moment was Kate and Juliet mud wrestling... only wanted it to be Jack and Sawyer. But Juliet turns good in the end.

And talking of more kick arse chicks ...

5) Sarah Connor - I love how she is in Terminator 2, like any good mother - prepared.

6) Lara Croft - she's the modern day female version of Indiana Jones, only she's got more guns.

7) Gwen Cooper, Torchwood. And remember, for your sake, she's Welsh.

She may not be able to handle a gun like her neighbour Bree but 8) Lynette Scarvo is one Desperate Housewife not to cross. She's so clever, she'll get you back some how. She is my favourite!

Moving on ... I know everyone adored Rose (and so did I!) and I currently enjoy Amy as Doctor Who's new sidekick. And I'm even loving River played by Alex Kingston, but my favourite is 9) Donna Noble. Not only can you cry with Donna, you can laugh, too.
10) is Amy Allen from The A-Team. I grew up watching this show, and the first two seasons are my favourites because they contain her. I always felt her character grounded the team a little. 

11) Sookie Stackhouse - I'm really enjoying Charlaine Harris' series - it's just brain candy, as I've heard someone call it. Really light, entertaining reading. I've only seen the first season of Trueblood, but thought their Sookie would make a good visual. The books are solely in Sookie's POV and can be fun to read. Sookie has her values, but what I like most about her is that she hasn't once yet begged to be made a vampire (unlike a certain Bella Swan). Good girl.

12) Vivian Ward, our very own Pretty Woman. A modern day story of Cinderella. 

13) Hermione Granger - I mean, she's smart, she's pretty and where would Harry be without her knowledge of Hogwarts?

14) Jane Eyre. I read this last year and loved it. I'm in the middle of reading Pride And Prejudice, so Elizabeth Bennett is following close behind as a historical heroine, too.

And so, last but not least, number 15) Cinderella, because who doesn't dream of becoming a Princess, rising from rags to riches.

These are some of my favourites, but there are many others. Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie are favourite actresses of mine. I usually love the heroines they play. I like smart, witty heroines, who can ultimately kick arse. I like a woman who can stand up for herself. She needs to be feisty. In fact, the harder they make the life of the hero, the better! Though at the same time, I don't mind it if she needs a helping hand, it allows the hero to play his part.

Gosh, really, if you look at my list of heroes, I should have Princess Leia and Joan Wilder (Romancing the Stone) among my list because they helped me fall in love with the hero. But I could go on forever ...

So who are your favourite heroines, and why?


  1. I had to think about this, because some of my favourite films don't have any women in them at all!

    I agree with Elizabeth Bennett, but then I started to wonder.... And I came up with a really obscure suggestion.

    I grew up watching the film Fiddler on the Roof, and the three eldest daughters are very strong and passionate role models. At a time when they were expected to obey their father, obey their religion, have marriages arranged by a matchmaker and then obey their husbands, these girls fought back to marry the men they loved - which was unheard of.

  2. Sarah Connor is definitely a favourite of mine too. She's one of those teabag heroes I talk about. She starts out as an ordinary person who would have been dead for sure without Kyle's help. But she finds the strength in herself to fight back through the film. Then in the second one she's all kick-ass, but it's clearly been a long hard road for her. In protecting her son she's almost destroyed her relationship with him. She's branded a madwoman. She's lost so much and almost loses her humanity by the end of it. Her arc is fantastic. She pays such a heavy price for what she turns herself into.

    Juliet I agree with too. I didn't like her when they were trying to make us like her in season 3. Then as soon as they stopped that and let her loose to be bad, I loved her. Though I disagree about Jack and Sawyer mud wrestling - I wanted Sayid and Sawyer mud wrestling. :D Sayid and Eko, not quite the same.

    Good on you for choosing Donna! My favourite by far of the nuWho companions. I was so delightfully wrong about her! :D

  3. Sarah Connor is awesome. Even in Terminator 3 she's made preparations in her death.

    I was gutted Donna didn't do another series of Doctor Who :-(

    Annalisa, definitely good grounds there for a heroine, sticking to what she believes in.

    Thanks both for commenting!


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