Sunday, 28 August 2011

Mr Darcy And Me

I feel like I need to update my Heroes list. I should include Mr Darcy, but at the time of creating the post I hadn't read Pride And Prejudice.

I know! The disgrace!

Anyway, as you now know I have read Pride And Prejudice, and I am now watching the BBC adaptation of it. (I sneakily got the DVDs when The Mail was giving them away ages ago. There has to be some perks to my job. Anyway, I saved them. So glad I did).

My first introduction to Colin Firth was in Bridget Jones' Diary as Mark Darcy. (And loved him then, too). I own the DVD and enjoyed the interview with Helen Fielding saying that Mr Darcy was her inspiration for Mark Darcy, and she was thrilled that Colin Firth would be playing him too.

Well, now I know why he was so inspirational. I am loving Mr Darcy.

I've just watched episode four where Elizabeth Bennet is visiting Pemberley and has 'bumped' into Mr Darcy, and he's trying to redeem himself.

Love it. Love it. Love it! 

At first, when I started watching this series, I wasn't sure if the actress, Jennifer Ehle, was pretty enough. I had always picture Colin Firth as Mr Darcy, because that's who is is famous for playing. But she's really grown on me.

I love how this series has stuck so close to the book.

So, two more episodes to go... then I'll have to tuck them away, and watch them all over again some other time.  ::sigh::

Who'd have thought I'd be a period drama fan? Now want to find all the others... Though maybe I'll enjoy them more if I read the books first. I don't like having spoilers for books.


  1. I think Colin Firth is now most people's Mr Darcy, even those who have read the book and not seen the series :-)

  2. Yes, I certainly wanted to read the book before watching the series, and yet, I still pictured him :D Hard not to really :-P

    I've finished the series now... just watched the last two episodes. Loved it as much as the book :D

  3. It is such a good adaptation. All the characters were exactly as I'd pictured them when reading the novel - and I first read the novel several years before the BBC got hold of it (and then every year since).

    I like Northanger Abbey too. I think it's worth reading all the Jane Austen novels, though P&P is by far the best. (ITV did a few adaptations of the lesser known books which are worth watching.) And then, of course, there's Sense and Sensibility, the Emma Thompson version with the gorgeous Alan Rickman.

    Oooh, I think I'll have to have a Jane Austen-fest soon!

  4. Yes, I intend to read all of the books, then watch any TV adaptations I can!

    Alan Rickman? Oh, gosh, I want to see this too!

  5. The BBC adaptation of P & P is my favourite. I love period drama like this. Sense and Sensibility is good and even though I didn't like the recent adaptations of the Jane Austen novels, Persuasion with Rupert Penry Jones as Captain Wentworth is great too.

    Have you seen the adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South with Richard Armitage? That is another classic I would recommend for your reading list.

    Enjoy! Mx

  6. I will add to my to watch and to read list, Morton! Thank you. Just the words Richard Armitage convinced me :D

    But I definitely want to read the books first! I'm like that with everything.

  7. Oh, yes! I usually quite fancy blond guys... if you look at my selection of heroes. But a small selection of tall, dark and handsome get in there.


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