Wednesday, 17 October 2012

And The Best Birthday Card Goes To....

I thought I would share my favourite birthday card I received this year, as with everything going on last week leading up to my birthday, and getting an offer accepted on a house - whoop! - I forgot to do my birthday surprises.

To explain this card, in a previous life before children, my nickname was Patsy. Yes, as in Absolutely Fabulous Patsy Stone... because, yes, we had similar drinking habits, although mine wasn't champagne, and I certainly didn't do the drugs!

Patsy has stuck, and friends still call me Patsy (although not as many). In fact some used to think it was my real name, because I'd only been introduced to them as Patsy. 

Every now and then Patsy reappears in me... when out, and I don't have two children to mother. She's my alter ego. My naughtier, less sensible side.

Anyway, one of my many best friends, who obviously knows me as Patsy (as she was Eddy) sent me this birthday card.

Brilliant. Absolutely fabulous, darling.

Thank you, Rachel aka Eddy x I laughed so much when I opened this card.

Here's to my last year in my thirties. Eek!


  1. Didn't know it was your birthday as Facebook didn't tell me. Hope all your dreams come true in the next year. Mx

    1. Oh, it was Friday... I think I turned it off on Facebook lol!

  2. LOL, yes, great card! :D Did mine arrive? I don't trust the post office.

  3. Brilliant!!! Remember Kate/William's wedding:DD and I texting:
    DD (re Pippa) Blimey, no underwear and she'd have to have a complete Brazilian to wear that dress.
    Me: reading it innocently out to husband.
    Husband: What's a Brazilian?
    Me (Lying) She has a boyfriend from Brazil.


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