Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Still Haven't Found The Wellies...

However, I did manage to go for a run this morning. Which means I am slowly getting back into some sort of routine. As I do not have a 'running watch' anymore I can't give you an accurate distance. I know that the route I do is around 4 miles, but because I had to run to a different home, I added to that distance. MapMyRun says I did around 4.33 miles but I'm sure it's further.

In other news, the cat is going stir crazy. She really wants to go outside. But I'll keep her in for a bit longer. And Dad put my bird table in the garden. I have Blackbirds, so I am happy. Let's see what other birds venture into my garden.

This morning Kieran said he saw a squirrel. If Ben had said this, I'd have believed him. Unfortunately with Kieran, I never know if it's just his imagination running wild. But I do have a big tree in my little garden, so maybe there was a squirrel.

All this doesn't help with the wellies situation. And I really need them with all this rain, and a further distance to walk to school. I have no idea where the wellies are. They must be in a box obviously. But where in the garage, I am not sure. So I best go look. This is only a short update, just taking a break from opening in boxes and wondering where the hell I'm going to put the contents. Everyday I'm dreaming up storage ideas...


  1. At least with the boxes in the garage you can open them in your own time! Good luck with the wellie hunt :-)

    1. Yes, going to try and have a sort out at the weekend, too. I might find the wellies. When I do, maybe it will have stopped raining lol!


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