Friday, 19 April 2013

Please Pretend It's Thursday...

I know that is going to be hard to do, because you're all in Friday mode. But yes, I know, I forgot. I forgot to post to Shirtless Thursday... but I had rather a lot on yesterday.

So here it is... courtesy of Pinterest because that's where I just grabbed it from!

Shall we caption this one, too?

In other news, I have managed to write a couple of pieces, about 500 words each. Some ideas, a scene floating in my head, or two. They've been inspired by my own quest to find 'love'. So I'm going to try and do that more and get myself writing again. Meanwhile I started printing off The Wedding Favour... then the printer ran out of ink, and the spare cartridge can't be found. I can only imagine it's in a box... in the garage.

Have a good weekend... if you can draw yourself away from the above picture.

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