Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thursday Comes Around Quickly!

And of course I've started something with this Shirtless Thursday lark, and it's amazing how many 'silent' readers I do have that like to see this blog post happen. I was emailed (what will be yesterday) to remind me to do this, and as I'm out with my dad and the boys to Slimbridge, I thought I best get organised. (I'm going to schedule this post for Thursday morning - tomorrow). Gosh, is that a bit timey wimey stuff like in Doctor Who? I'm talking about tomorrow as Thursday, but it's today when you read this. Weird.

Bit like my dad says, you'll never get there, because when you're there you'll be here. Like you'll never reach tomorrow as it will always be today. I'm sure he says these things to get my eight-year-old thinking.

Anyway... while I'm here blogging, I might as well tell you some of my news... As I said, we're off to Slimbridge tomorrow, today, so camera is charged, and I've ordered a portable hard drive to store my photos because my PC is now rammed, and performing very slow. As recommended to me by my sister, I decided to buy a portable hard drive to store all my pictures on.

Right, back to Shirtless Thursday...

As to my 'silent' readers, please don't be afraid to leave a comment once in a while. It helps let me know my blog is actually being read.

Now this picture was on Pinterest (posted by the lovely Becky Black), which I'm becoming a real fan of. This shirtless cowboy photo deserves captioning, too... I'll let you leave them in the comments below.

I was supposed to start printing off The Wedding Favour tonight... and I have failed! Maybe I should get the Easter holidays out of the way first. And stop searching for shirtless photos...

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