Sunday, 31 March 2013

I've Got A Plan!

With the house move and everything, I missed last months RNA chapter meeting, and so was very glad to meet up again last week. I have an hours drive to Lacock, but it's worth it! (I love that village as well as the people I meet - obviously!) The long journey does enable me to listen to music of my choice, which isn't always possible in the car with the kids.

With my quest to get my writing back on track, I went there to seek advice. I have two novels 'finished'. One more polished than the other, because it's been sent out to publishers. The other was sent to the RNA last year.

Considering it is April tomorrow, I know I am going to find it hard to edit Perfect Isn't An Option and send it back to the RNA NWS for August, and I'm certainly not going to be able to write another novel and get it edited and sent off by August either.

Therefore, I thought, why don't I send the RNA NWS The Wedding Favour, and get some advice and direction on this novel. It didn't have much luck with the publishers I sent it to, but it did get some positive feedback. Maybe the RNA can give me some advice on it.

Well, my good writer friends also agreed that this is possibly the best scenario for me this year. This way I don't waste my RNA NWS subscription. If I send it now - as it is ready! - it will get a less rushed read through and feedback than if I wait till August.

So, that's what I'm going to do. I can still work on editing it for the publisher that showed an interest - if they will still interested almost a year on, I'm not so sure. But then it will give me some breathing space. I just can't see me getting back into writing by facing two major editing projects. Editing daunts me at the best of times. I believe it's because I lack confidence and experience more than anything. It doesn't feel so creative. I really need to get writing. And the best way is to physically write. What, I'm not so sure yet. I might just pick an idea that's floating around in my head and go with it. Be it short or long, I just want to get back into the habit of sitting at my PC and writing. I want the voices back, talking to me. I have more free time at the weekends now, so I need to stop wasting it.

So does that sound like a plan, or does that sound like a plan? And because I missed Shirtless Thursday... here's something Eastery,,,

Okay, so I lied... It's not Eastery at all - but it's very shirtless. 


  1. Hi there, it was great to meet you at the meeting at Lacock. Wishing you the best with your editing, hope to hear about your progress at the next meet-up :-)

    P.S. a good story is a good story however long it takes to finish it x

  2. Yes, it was great to meet you too. My aim is to get it sent off in the next couple of weeks... and to start writing something too. The blog helps. I feel like I'm at least doing some writing even it is 'wittering'. lol!


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