Monday, 29 July 2013

My First Radio Interview

When I first moved to Weston-super-Mare I joined my local hospital radio station, Sunshine Radio (February 1999 to be exact). It was a way for me to make new friends, especially as I wasn't having a lot of luck enjoying the different jobs I seemed to be going from one to the other. It was about doing something for me.

A couple of years in, the President and Vice President made me an honorary member so that I could never really leave the organisation. It worked! I think it was to do with how much I did do for the station at the time. I was on the committee for a few years as secretary and treasurer - for my sins!

Sadly, as I had my two boys, it grew harder to commit to the station.

Last weekend it was the station's 35th birthday, and Steve Ledbrook, a presenter from my time and still there today, invited me onto his show to talk about my time as a radio presenter and ward-rounder, and about my new book. I snapped up the opportunity because I thought it would be good practise to talk about my writing - who knows, I might get to go on other radio stations. Hint, hint. Plus, I really wanted to support the station.

I felt very nostalgic to be back in the studio, sitting on the visitor side. I do miss manning the radio desk! Amazing that I did once know how to operate it. I used to love the fact I could play my favourite songs, talk to myself and hopefully be entertaining the patients of Weston General Hospital.

I wasn't nervous - I couldn't wait for the mic live sign to turn red! I used to be nervous. But I reminded myself that Sunshine Radio might have about ten listeners that day, not ten thousand... like bigger radio stations. Steve and I talked for the whole hour, playing only six songs in between. He played five of my favourites that I used to play as a presenter. The hour flew by!

It was great fun! And I can recommend a radio interview. You don't have to worry about what you look like, just talk. That's what the listeners want.

Thank you Steve and Sunshine Radio for having me. And yes, I'm happy to come back once my book is published.

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