Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Summer Holidays Are In Full Swing

Therefore I will be a little quiet on my blog. The boys are playing late, while I type away - it is the holidays! I'm trying to decide whether to take them out tomorrow or not, but they seem happy to stay at home. So I'm wondering if I should save the day trips for later on in the holidays when they are bored of the house.

In the meantime, to keep myself busy on my blog, I am trying to line up some awesome authors to come visit my blog.

Here's my guest list so far:

Rachel Brimble, who is the organiser of my RNA Chapter group. Rachel Lyndhurst who has become a good writing buddy of mine. Annalisa Crawford said she'd pop by too. I've just got to pull my finger out and send them over some questions.

In the meantime I await my line edits for my d├ębut novel.... which actually might get a name change. After three years of calling it The Wedding Favour, it may get something a bit more chick-lit-ee.

I even have a publication date we're aiming for, so it's all getting exciting. I won't announce anything just yet... just watch this space!

Enjoy the sunshine! I'm sure it won't be around for much longer...

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