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Written Fireside: A Witch By Chance - Part 7

Written Fireside is where a group of authors sit around a virtual camp fire and add their bit to the story. The authors participating this month are here.

As it's October this story has a Halloween/Witches theme and is titled A Witch By Chance. 

Before reading my part, I urge you to read the others if you haven't already done so. 

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A Witch By Chance - Part 7 by Teresa F Morgan 

“I’m not twenty-three yet!” Ivy had nine days until her birthday. How ironic – her birthday was the 31st of October and here she was now being told she was a witch.
Frustrated, she tugged at the bracelet. She’d forgotten about it, feeling natural upon her wrist. Now it weighed heavy and felt tight. The silver, soft as silk but as strong as steel, wouldn't budge.
“It obviously doesn't like being away from the book,” Lily said. “I knew I could rely on Karma to help you discover the book at the house.” She smiled weakly.
“I don’t get it, you don’t want me to have this destiny, yet you put me on the path.”
“I don’t have a choice, Ivy. That was part of the agreement in letting you have a normal life.” Lily busied herself in the kitchen, making them both tea.
“I’m confused. Chance said I was his destiny. You say he’s bad news – to stay away from him. So what is my destiny?”
“Chance is a spirit. He’s looking for a way to enter this world fully. He needs a bride –”
“A bride!” Ivy had a very bad feeling about this, and the sadness in her mother’s eyes didn’t settle her fear.
“Yes.” Lily handed Ivy a mug of tea and gestured her to sit. “A witch born on Halloween will bear the mark... of Queen.”
“Queen! For Christ’s sake, Mum! What mark?” Ivy jumped up, spilling her hot drink and winced. Her body trembled as she put the mug down. “I don’t have the same scar as Grandma, or Chance.”
“Look at the bracelet you’re wearing.” Her mother’s expression was grave, hugging her tea.
Ivy turned her left wrist, studying the silver jewellery with its enchanting markings. She swallowed down her anxiety. Chance’s scar had been on his left wrist. The little silver crescent on the bracelet – identical to Chance’s mark - rested inside her wrist and the three small birthmarks she’d never taken any notice of before in their almost triangular formation, held the crescent within them; two on its outside curve and one in the middle.
She gasped, trying to move the crescent but it held its position on her wrist. During her moment of panic, she heard a cat’s cry, and felt Karma brush against her legs.
“Where’d he come from?”
“Ivy,” Lily got to her feet, and held Ivy by her shoulders, “Queen does not mean bride. The mark means you are the most powerful among us – A Queen. I believe it means you can banish Chance – once and for all. You may be his destiny, but he is not yours. I believe Karma holds your true fate.”
“What?” Ivy picked Karma up and rubbed his head.
 “That black cat never leaves your side.” As her mother spoke, Karma purred loudly. “He is loyal and loving. I believe he was once a man – Chance convinced a witch to transform him.”
Her mother would not meet her gaze. Had she been the witch?
“Keep Karma with you and get the book, it contains your initiation. You have until Halloween.”

Can you wait until part 8?

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