Monday, 28 October 2013

HarperImpulse Party - 24th October 2013

Carmel, Brigid & me! And the cabinet.
I thought I best share my fun time at the HarperImpulse party! Thursday was a great adventure, getting on the train and reading for two hours :) So glad I didn't decide to drive.

Arriving at Paddington (a bit late for the Gromit unfortunately) I then caught a tube to Hammersmith, where I found Aimee Duffy waiting for me, and we walked to our hotel.

At the hotel we met Carmel Harrington and the three of us got a taxi to HarperCollins Publishers! Will NEVER tire of saying that, and had to pinch myself as I walked into reception. I did have a wobbly moment.

Sue Moorcroft

Unfortunately our taxi had been running late, and with the traffic too, we arrived late to the meeting at 5pm.

In our fluster in reception, we suddenly noticed our books in paper on the big bookshelf! And then in the cabinet too. We tried not to squeal like teenagers - honest. Act cool, Rodney, act cool.
Chick-lit girls: Sue Fortin, Sarah Lefebve and me!
So we had a talk, then we had coffee and tea and biscuits until we were ready to go down to the party, where endless amounts of Prosecco and winter Pimms were available. I met bloggers, my fellow HarperImpulse authors, other writing acquaintances like Sue Moorcroft and Christina Courtney (Pia Fenton). I actually don't think I took enough pictures.

Me and my editor, Charlotte Ledger looking sparkly.

I don't have room to put all the pictures on my blog, so they can be found on my Facebook Page or Website. The evening was great fun. I met some really lovely people, and felt hugely proud and lucky to be part of a fantastic team of writers. I have a wonderful publisher. I met my most lovely and very busy editor, Charlotte Ledger. Long live HarperImpulse! When's the next party? (I so wish I was going to the Festival of Romance...)

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