Monday, 6 January 2014

A Reflective Blog Post

This time last year I posted this blog post... "Is That Light At The End Of The Tunnel?" 

I can honestly say, I survived! Yay! I haven't starved - yet! And I am paying my bills. Not only have I come into the light, I think I've found a rainbow too.

I've had my book published - Plus One is a Lucky Number. I didn't know that would happen a year ago... or that I would be smitten with Henry Cavill. (He's definitely going to be hero inspiration for book three).

Sometimes looking back at an old blog post is good news.

Nearly one year in my house, and it really does feel like home. There is still a lot that needs doing to make it mine, but it will come with time. It's not a race, I intend on being here a while. (I might not have any choice in the matter). Luckily, it's in good tasteful decorative order, so I really can take my time about it... and worry about finishing my second book.

Now I'm settled, my writing time is gradually coming back to me... yay! I'm getting back into my old routine.

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