Saturday, 11 January 2014

No Wine For The Whole Of January...

... at least I can still have chocolate. I'd no way be able to give up both!

Leading up to Christmas, and afterwards, I kept hearing the Dryathlon adverts on my favourite radio station. And after the hugest hangover ever on New Year's Day and vowing never to drink again (yeah, right, I love wine too much), I'd decided I would stay off the alcohol in January at least. Let the old Liver recover and all that.

I wasn't going to sign up because then I'd stress about the lack of donations etc. I thought I would just do it on my own for health reasons and see if I have the willpower.

I only 'drink' at weekends. In other words, I allow myself an alcoholic beverage Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. This is when I'm likely to go out too. Sometimes I will drink mid-week if I meet up with a friend, but that's a rare occasion. But at the weekend, even if I'm home, I like a glass of wine whilst vegging in front of the telly.

Well, last night, coming home from work, I was in the mood for that glass of wine. Automatically I'm thinking it's Friday - I'm allowed!

Luckily, I saw that a friend's husband was a Dryathlete, and so I signed myself up pretty sharpish (and donated on his site - as I thought it would look weird donating on my own)!

Anyway, if you'd like to sponsor me, here is my JustGiving page.

Cancer Research is such a good cause. Would my sister have survived Leukaemia without the research? Who knows... but my gratefulness for this charity is unmeasurable.

Over Christmas I also learned of a close friend who's baby boy has a cancerous tumour, so this charity is just so important. Not only the old get sick with Cancer... so do the young.

Please, please, please sponsor me. Or sponsor a closer friend if you know they are also participating. Everyone gets touched with cancer once in their life. I believe some can avoid cancer with lifestyle changes, but people like my sister, and my friend's little boy are sadly the unfortunate unlucky ones.

I get fed up of the 'Cancer' related Facebook posts about 'I bet know one reposts this' etc. etc. I never share them, because it's too close to my family, and they're just bloody SPAM in my opinion.

Instead of sharing one of those stupid posts which WILL NOT help fight cancer, give a couple of pounds to Cancer Research! Do it!

And while on the subject, if you're interested, in 2011 I read Food To Fight Cancer... this is my review. It's a fascinating book and endorses my belief that some cancers can be avoided.

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