Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My Type Of Guy

Friday night I watched "What's Your Number?" with Chris Evans (the American actor, not the British radio DJ with red hair!) and Anna Faris.

Evans as Captain America!
Now, I recommend this film on the nudity of Chris Evans alone! He usually has a towel or something covering his nether regions, but OMG the man is LUSH.

The film is fun actually, a chick-flick romantic comedy, and starts very much like Bridesmaids, the heroine sneaking out of bed to do her make up and brush her hair so she looks pretty when the guy she's in bed with wakes up.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the film, I'm here to talk about the blue eyes.

I do tend to love blue eyes and blond haired males... and my heroes in my books will take on this.  Bradley Cooper anyone? ...Daniel Craig, Josh Holloway...

But with my latest addiction of Henry Cavill - The Man of Steel - he certainly doesn't have blond hair.

It's certainly left me torn between Captain America and Superman!

So do I have a type?

I think it has to be the eyes! I prefer blue over brown... It has nothing to do with being Drop Dead Gorgeous and one fit body... I'm looking at only their eyes - honest!

Even in real life, I tend to fancy men with blue eyes...

Do you prefer your heroes to have blue or brown eyes? Or do they just have to be good eyes?

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