Wednesday, 14 October 2015

With Enough Coffee....

I am determined to get my boys to drink tea and/or coffee. I've just never been sure when to do this, considering both drinks do contain caffeine, which is a stimulant, and I don't wish to have them up all night, unable to sleep. They are children after all!

Then I came up with a cunning plan... I'd buy decaffeinated. (Yeah, I know, not all that cunning... why I hadn't thought of this earlier!) This means they can have a warm drink before bed (or after school) and it doesn't always have to be hot chocolate.

And I'm determined to introduce it to them without adding sugar!

Now, the reason I want my kids to like drinking tea and coffee is because I've observed, over the years, those who don't drink hot drinks like tea or coffee tend to drink a lot more fizzy drinks during the day... and in so doing so, either have shocking teeth or are overweight. (Sorry but that is the truth of it).

As I don't really wish to name and same all the fizzy drinks and be sued. And energy drinks, which in my opinion are EVIL, for this article I will refer to them all as pop.

Pop are high in calories and don't even hydrate you. It makes me so mad when I see young children choosing these drinks as an option! Even if you drink the diet pop variety, you will not lose weight. (Ever noticed the amount of people drinking these drinks and are not losing weight?) The reason being is these drinks are sending the wrong messages to the brain that a sweet thing is about to enter the stomach... but that sweet thing isn't really sugar... and so then the brain craves the sugar it didn't get... and so the person tends to eat more because of it. Defeating the whole objective of the diet 'pop'.

Hot drinks are more sociable too. Nowadays the in thing to do is to meet for coffee. (We have Costas in abundance in Weston-super-Mare and they are all busy!)

I know my love for coffee began once I started working full time in my first proper job, but my dad had from an early age given me milky coffee. I remember having it in a glass cup and saucer.

Probably like most coffee drinkers, I need a cup of coffee every morning to give me that kick start. I drink more when I'm writing or at work too. But I do usually stop drinking coffee in the afternoon and switch to green tea (with lemon or mint - but has to be Clipper), unless meeting someone for coffee. I don't drink black tea. Never have. Can not, for the life of me, get round the taste of it to enjoy it.

In my opinion if you're going to drink pop - do the full fat variety and keep it to special occasions. I very occasionally have a Coke - it is my guilty pleasure. But it's probably once in about six months that I dirnk it. Usually with vodka, or when nursing a hangover. Or I really need that sugar fix, but I never drink diet. I can taste the artificial sweeteners and I don't like them.

I know my kids will drink pop eventually, but I want to encourage that they only do it on special occasions, and choose a healthier option if they need a drink. So the boys and I are getting into a cosy routine at reading time before bed, to have a cup of tea or milky coffee, or a hot chocolate, and hopefully their passion for tea and coffee will begin.

Are you a tea or coffee drinker? Or both?

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