Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Wisteria Season

I love this time of year. Spring bulbs and flowers, all bursting out and making us forget the winter dreariness. (I should really share the photos of our visit to Knightshayes in the Easter holidays... the flowers!)

And the birds are nesting and feeding their young like crazy. I'm such a twitcher!

I'm so excited, because for the first time this year, I have birds nesting in one of the bird boxes the gardener, aka Dad, has put in the garden. I thought it was Sparrows, but they are Great Tits. (I know, I know, the jokes I get...)

It's also that time of year again, where the Wisteria is out in full bloom. Unfortunately I don't have this growing in my garden though.

I was driving from Knaphill to Egham at the weekend, and I just wished I could have stopped the car and taken some photos of some beautiful buildings covered in Wisteria.

The flower is one of my favourite colours, and the house I grew up in was called Wisteria. Even though we didn't have the plant growing up it, I imagine once upon a time in its era, it would have done.

But its name was the inspiration behind calling the cottage in my book, Wisteria.

Anyway, this time of year reminds me Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage was launched. Two years old now... but still a great summer read.

I have 98 reviews on Amazon... could just do with a couple more!

Meet Me At Wisteria Cottage:

"Picture perfect scenery, a self-possessed and feisty heroine and a brooding, handsome hero in the form of one Harry Tudor all combine to make this the perfect holiday read."

Amazon UK Ebook / Amazon UK paperback

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