Monday, 20 May 2019

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

For some time now, I've wondered if it's worth blogging. However, I do love this space to let off steam, update on my ups and downs, as I do find writing down my thoughts really good therapy and even a way to de-clutter my head. It's why I called it The Wittering Woman after all!

It's definitely been useful over the past year with the self-counselling too. And maybe you've all had a bit of a laugh at my online dating tales. (Maybe I have more to come yet! I'm still single!)

Initially, when I wanted to be a writer, it appeared important to blog. And back then, I used to get comments on the blog, and interact with people on here. However, now, with so many other social media avenues to cover, if we tried to interact on the them all regularly we would never actually get down to the writing.

And when I do share these blog posts to my other social media sites, that's where readers tend to leave their comments. (So I think these posts do get read.)

Anyway, I won't beat myself up over not updating regularly. But I will keep this as a space to write whether it be about life or something more writing related.

I usually get great ideas for a blog post as I drift off to sleep. (I did the other night!) And then they go from me, or when I try to type them up, like today, they just don't read as great. Hey ho!

Right, must crack on with the editing...

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