Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Hello 2022

It's a good job I haven't put blog more as one of my goals for 2022 because I think I would epically fail. 

However, I have some FAB news and I want to share on my blog (although I know I do have a newsletter that needs writing too!)

I'm not very good at setting New Year Resolutions. I am sure I've told you this before. However, with my new network marketing side show, I am encouraged to set goals, and to write them down and visualize them, as well as say affirmations. I've even recently done a positive coaching session with Liz Doyle who calls them intentions rather than goals. 

So among some business goals/intentions for 2022, I wrote on a post-it note as well as on my little white board to find a new job by 31st March 2022. (I wanted to change my job back in 2020 and then became a key-worker, remember?)

Well, peeps, I've only gone and done just that! 

2022 has started off superbly with Mistletoe At The Manor selling well and remaining a Best Seller for over 2 months (more on that in my newsletter.) But now I also have a fresh start! 

I have only four more shifts at the Post Office and then I'm having a couple of weeks off before I start my new job! It's more hours, and I will be working in Corporate Services for my local council. It'll include some home working too once I am fully trained. 

I will still have time to write (more on that another day) and time to work my home-based business. 

The great thing is no more working Saturdays and no more Christmases in the Post Office! 

So I am now fully onboard with this visualising your goals business because the Universe WILL provide. 

Write them down, make them visible and say those affirmations every morning! You can do this! 

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