Wednesday 29 May 2024

Why Do We Feel Guilty?

Yesterday, I took the day off to spend some quality time with one of my friends to celebrate her birthday (which is actually today!)

I let my friend decide what we would do - it was her birthday after all! 

Our day was spent walking around Clifton and the Downs, with garden centre visits and charity shop mooches along the way. It was thoroughly relaxing and a great day out - despite the weather. 

(The weather is another subject - hot one minute, cold the next!)  
However, in the morning, getting ready for my day out, and deciding what to wear as no idea what the weather was going to bring, the guilt I felt for not writing, or working my business fell heavy on my chest. 

That feeling that I should be doing "something" weighed me down.

Is this a writer thing? Or a business owner thing? Or is it a mum thing? Or even a woman thing?

Or is it just me? 

We are allowed the day off, right? Why do we put this guilt on ourselves?

And in the end, walking around Clifton was hugely inspirational for my books, so I could chalk it up to doing some research! It was where I based One Fine Day, and will feature the sequel (when I finish writing it.) 

And my favourite part of the day, other than the carrot cake, was spotting Gromit on the balcony of a house. 

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