Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Editing Is Creative!

Look what I've created via Wordle! Thanks to Morton Gray for recommending this site!  Guess the names of my hero and heroine. 

I copied and pasted my whole manuscript into the text part and pressed go. Then fiddled with the colours etc and limited it to 50 words (it's default is 150 words) and here they are. My most used 50 words in the novel. Some are obviously going to remain the same (Adam and Sophie), but some like 'just' and 'felt' I will need to go filter out.

I didn't put it on the gallery, yet I did copy and paste (print screen, then paste into paint, then crop) it so I could keep the result and show you guys here. I have also printed it off (plus the 150 word version), which it gives you the option on the website.

I finished reading it through last night, and was chuckling at places (you're supposed to chuckle at). Hubby asked me if I was supposed to be laughing at my own novel. Now means working through some notes a friend has given me and going from there. I don't know whether to work on the big stuff first, or the small stuff. Help!

I've also got to crack the two space after a sentence habit. Something my new 'fiction' tutor has advised. Gah, it's going to be like trying to give up smoking or something, impossible (not that I actually smoke, or know what it's like to give it up) - only they don't give out patches. But I'm trying to do it with my blog even now. I have to pause after every full stop. Crazy. It just feels weird hitting the space bar once.