Monday, 25 April 2011

Jean Genie

I've linked Morton before, and I'm going to link her again because I've been giving her post a lot of thought lately.

Morton Gray made a post about Eat, Pray, Love (a book I've added to my to-read list) linking a talk from the author Elizabeth Gilbert.  If you're a writer, I urge you to watch it. All nineteen minutes. It's inspirational, and really good advice.

On a side note: I found Elizabeth Gilbert wonderful to listen to. If we become successful writers, do we need to become great talkers too?

Anyway, I digress. This post may not mean much to you unless you listen to Elizabeth Gilbert... but she goes on about your inspiration/ideas for writing being 'genies'.

Basically, as mentioning on Twitter, I've been finding my genie a lot lately and wanted to share when he comes to me. Or is he a she? Haven't decided yet.

I have a water genie that is for sure, because when I'm in the shower, I do tend to get lots of what I call 'plot bunnies'. And the same can happen while doing the washing up.

I also have a sleepy genie, who will prod me as I try to go to sleep or wake me up in the morning.

Last night, I'd gone to bed realising that I'd told a bit of a scene, that I really should have shown. Adam removing Sophie's clothes before they make love. I mean, seriously, the man would have been seductive, the reader would like to know how he did it, and I'm like, tell, tell, tell, then next scene, ah, we're in Sophie's head and she's naked.


This morning, I awoke to my sleep genie nudging me, telling me to get up and switch on my PC. I crept downstairs, so the boys wouldn't realise, and got to writing.

Not only because it was a bit saucy was it fun, it felt so much better than if I'd just stayed in bed! I'd written something constructive and it wasn't even 8am!

So when do your genies prod you? And like Elizabeth's talk, are they at the opportune moment, or way out there when you really can't do anything about it?

I do have a car genie too, if listening to the right music. Not always a right moment. Can hardly stop and write it down, but I do try to keep it in my head, going over and over like a tape recording. 

Right, back to my editing...  I have another discussion on that, when my Blog Genie returns to me, as I've forgotten exactly what was the topic I wanted to discuss. lol!


  1. My genie persists in appearing in the middle of the night, or when I'm driving - just about any time when I just can't do anything about it.
    I admire anyone who can get out of bed and write. I'm afraid I don't wake up until I've had breakfast and at least one cup of coffee!

  2. Gail, it is a rare occasion for me to get out of bed and write. And admittedly, it was something like 7.45am. If it had been 5.30am, I'd been rolling over and going back to sleep lol!

    I'm definitely an evening writer.


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