Friday, 29 April 2011

Weddings, Friends, and Editing Your Voice

So much to talk about today, and I want to do a very quick blog about editing your voice. Because, yes, that was the blog idea that I was talking about last post. It's come back to me.

However, so much has happened! Today, Wills and Kate got married. Hurrah! And she looked gorgeous, he looked handsome, and I almost cried when I saw him say to her "you look beautiful". Ahhhhh! Sniff, sniff. Romance is not dead.

And yesterday I met Becky Black for the very first time. We've been friends over the internet now for nearly six years - we met on a forum around December 2005. We spent the day in Bristol strolling from one pub or coffee shop to another, chatting about everything and writing. It was great to actually be able to discuss writing and not feel weird about it. I did learn that I am really crap at giving a guided tour of Bristol. When I've been there (in my younger, no kids stage), I've usually been drunk, so the memory is wonky.

Right, so now back to this editing query I have. I've almost finished my second draft of The Wedding Favour (very apt title for today). I'm going to go back through the beginning chapters, because I do feel I've got better with my editing as the chapters have gone on, even though I've added some words - well, it did need some additing.

Then, I'm going to let it rest for a bit - again -  and crack on with my next novel as I've said I'll join in the May - You Write Your Novel. Basically, writing 80,000 words in 80 days! And maybe get my 2nd fiction assignment done, too.

So, while I've been editing my first novel, I've been having this terrible fear. What if I'm editing out my voice?

There are some things that I like because it's my style. But will the editor/publishers/readers like it?

Is it possible to over edit your work and therefore lose your "voice"? Voice is discussed so much in writing - write more and your voice will come etc.

I told you about my tip to highlight the was's and the that's and I do find it useful, but some are necessary, for emphasis! If we improve our text so well, would we all start sounding the same? Editing maybe a fun part, but I do find it hard. Maybe it will become easier as I get more confident ...

Oh and talking about Additing. I got my letter into June edition of Writers' Forum magazine about Additing - my made up writing word. Hurrah! Three letters published this year, so far. Should have my very first Moleskin notebook winging it's way to me! Where's the bubbly? Oh, right, yes, save that for one day when I get paid...

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