Sunday, 6 November 2011

New Found Inspiration

I promise this is writing related! Honest. No, really, it is.

Last night, in my tiredness and lacking enthusiasm to actually write, I was watching You Tube videos.

With my lovely new radio that I have in the kitchen, courtesy of my dad, I've been listening to Kiss quite a lot because they play non-stop music sessions. Radio 1 is great in the morning, but sometimes I find it a bit dull during the day.  With Kiss I get to boogie in my kitchen!

My dad and I have been discussing music videos, because he usually puts a music channel on in the background when there is nothing on the TV, and has been telling me about some clever videos. So with this in mind, too, last night I was searching them out.

My favourite song at the moment is 'Moves Like Jagger', and I wanted to listen to it. I found out the band was Maroon 5. (Yes I know, I should know this stuff, but before the arrival of my radio I have been very ignorant to the muscial world).

So, watched that video, then watched some more of Maroon 5... and couldn't not stop watching Adam Levine. As you can see, he's not my usual type. I tend to prefer blonds. Yet, the occasional tall, dark, skinny guy takes my fancy too. He will be inspiration for a hero, I know it!

This particular video (below) is very sexy in my opinion. (Plus I've put another on Tumblr which features Rhianna where he looks so hot in a suit).  Let me know what you think. Is he your type, too? Great voice all the same! (I'm loving the music, which always inspires my writing).

So guess what album I'd like to see in my Christmas stocking...