Thursday, 10 November 2011

A special gift of local author’s books - News - Weston Mercury

Look! My writing group (Wordsmiths of Weston) made it into the local paper this week. We were presented with some books by Jean Saunders' family. I realised she lived in North Somerset, I didn't realise she was that local! 

A special gift of local author’s books - News - Weston Mercury

You'll recognise Jean in issues of Writing Magazine - her column was usually at the back discussing short stories.

She also has a few pen names: Jean Ellis, Rowena Summers, Sally Blake, Jean Innes and Jodie Nicole.

I'm currently reading The Craft Of Writing Romance by Jean Saunders, as it's one of the books donated to us. We now have a mini library of writing guide books. Some written by Jean, and some were hers that she'd purchased and used over her writing career.

It was lovely to listen to Geoff and Janet talking of Jean's dedication to her writing. 

Rest in peace, Jean Saunders. Or may there be a huge typewriter in the sky!


  1. Yes, it was a lovely gift. The paper, as per usual, got it wrong though. Our 'leader' of the group received this email from Jean's daughter. I thought I would post here in the comments, for those to read:

    Dear Brian,

    I was rather disappointed, and Dad was quite distressed, at the write-up in the Mercury, as they seem to have got a few facts completely wrong and missed out some important details about Mum's career. (For instance, the comments that I made about MY attempts at writing as a child, the childrens riddles etc, have been attributed to Mum and no mention of her 40 odd year career writing romantic novels!)

    They have also attributed ALL the reference books to Mum, I tried hard to get the photographer to put HER books on top of the pile without success, so I hope the author of the Writers' Dictionary doesn't get to see the article!

    I just wanted to let you know that I will be writing to the Merc and asking them to print a correction, I am also going to send in another obituary as we were waiting for her final book to be published before doing this, however I think it would be more appropriate to do it now.

    Kind regards,
    Janet Underhay

  2. Blimey, they've cropped the picture a bit ruthlessly! But there you are in the middle! :D

  3. Oh, the picture looks great in the actual paper. Shame they couldn't get the facts right.

    Yes, I made sure I got in there - usually hate having my photo taken, too. lol!

  4. How very lovely of her. It's sad that it wasn't reported correctly though and I hope her daughter gets what she needs from them.

  5. Hi, Rebecca, sorry taken me so long to respond. Yes, I hope so too.


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