Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The One That Didn't Get Away

There was an interesting article in The Guardian which I read on Facebook today. QR Markham has been caught with his novel 'Assassin of Secrets' plagiarising James Bond novels and a like.

Amazing how someone can think they can get away with it, too.

Did it give him any satisfaction using someone elses work? As a writer, really?

He's not a writer, he's a conman, trying to make a quick buck off someone else's hard work.

Plagiarism is not cool, and certainly not professional.

I always fear that I might 'borrow' something that I've read - unintentionally of course! I suppose we all may worry about that and what our subconscious can do. But however crap my writing is, it is my own work and I'm proud of that.

Well, you can safely say QR Markham has burned his writing career... unless he is able to come back as another name. Rogue traders, anyone?

The amount of money he has probably cost the publishers, it wouldn't surprise me if he's sued. Boy, is he in trouble.

Okay, and now for something light hearted, less depressing, and totally unrelated - for all you girls to look at. Hot pic of Adam Levine! Yes, I am obsessed! And it wouldn't be my blog without a bit of eye candy.

Hmmm... maybe I should consider something for any male readers I may have... Nahhhh!


  1. I've just this minute finished reading about Markham. I'm only surprised that it took so long to find him out!

  2. Yes, I don't get how he did get away with it initially... to the stage of being published.

    It's so hard to get published, just shows he must have pinched the right stuff, because they thought it was so good. lol!


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