Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Small World

Adam Levine fix anyone?
Does anyone else think the world is a small place? Or maybe it's just Weston ...

As you know my writing group was donated some books from Jean Saunders' family. When they came along to the group last month, I instantly recognised her husband, Geoff, as he comes into the shop regularly (where I work weekends).

I saw Geoff again last Friday, and commented on how I'd finished reading one of Jean's books (The Craft of Writing Romance) and enjoyed it. We got talking, as I do while bagging customers' shopping (because I can be a bit of a chatterbox), and found out he lives round the corner from me.

I've lived in this house nearly ten years. I've lived around the corner from a very successful writer for nearly ten years! We were practically neighbours! (Admittedly, I only started to take my writing more seriously, as in I wanted to write professionally, since 2009 - but hey).

I think I've been subscribing to Writing Magazine since 2009, and would read Jeans' columns. Probably a good job I didn't know she lived around the corner... for Jean's sake. 

Then, (it all happens at work) talking to another customer who comes in regular, I found out he comes from Thorpe (in Surrey) - he went to Thorpe School - that's where I went to school! He is twelve years older than me but he was saying how when he was there the swimming pool was being built. I learnt to swim in that swimming pool!

And then, later this week, chatting with my dear, newly acquainted friend, Talli Roland, who I sat next to at the RNA Conference and had a good natter with (because I'm a chatterbox), she tells me she worked at Magna Carta School in Egham. I went to Magna Carta School. Okay, so I left in 1990 and Talli worked there between 2004 and 2006 but even so - Mr Smith and Mr Wilson (two of my favourite teachers) were still there at that time.  

I'm just finding the world can be incredibly small at times, but in a good way. 

(And yes, and the picture of Adam Levine is to draw you all in, plus I needed my fix. Really should be writing, but at least I've done a blog post. That's writing related, right? Does anyone else find doing a blog post helps get you in the mood for writing? Or am I just procrastinating - again?)