Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Sorry, I'm Neglecting You

Three weeks into my new dinner lady job, and slowly I'm finding a routine (and fitting coffees in with friends). It's making sure I don't give up on my running, which would so easily be the thing to do to make myself more time. But I look at it as the fitter I am, the longer I may live and therefore, the more writing time I'll have in the long term - hopefully.

I've had a couple of blog post ideas floating around my head, (conscious I've been slack on the blogging) and I've been writing them in my head (as you do), and really should have physically written the gist down. Because as usual, I haven't, and I'm sat here, now wondering what the hell I'd wanted to witter on about.

I must carry a notepad at all times! In fact, while on dinner lady duty, I have a notepad, so if the kids give me two seconds I should jot stuff down.

Anyone else failing with the notepad thing? It's one of those pieces of advice for writers that I try to adhere to, as I have lots of notebooks (but no organisation amongst them). Yet, I do fail to jot some things down, because I'm too busy with the housework or something to actually stop. Or I think, I'll remember this.

It's usually when it comes to blog posts. I am better when I think of things about my novel, stories etc. that I'm writing. I tend to use Onenote for those.

February is here already, and I want The Wedding Favour finished editing wise (almost there!), so I can crack on with writing Perfect Isn't An Option. Now I'm in the RNA's New Writer's Scheme I have to get this book finished! It's my main goal (as well as submitting The Wedding Favour - gosh there's a scary thought).

For my research, I will start reading my Rob Lowe autobiography very soon, but I'm currently reading Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance to review. So will finish that first. Plus I have my Harry Potter duties with my seven year old son, Ben. He's really into Harry Potter. I love that he comes to me and asks if I can read him another chapter. And it's great fun reading the books again. We're on the Prisoner of Azkaban which is my favourite!

So I will leave you with Bradley Cooper - my inspiration for Steve in Perfect Isn't An Option. And if that brilliant blog post returns in my head, to quote Arnie Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back."