Friday, 24 February 2012

So, I'm Reading About This Guy...

Each year I set myself a goal to read 40 books in a year.

This year, I think seven of them will be the Harry Potter series, as my son is keen for me to read them all to him - we're now on The Goblet of Fire (book 4). I'm still counting them, as I am reading them - albeit out loud to my son.

I am also currently reading Rob Lowe's autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends, and although I used to love him when I was a teen, I really was more a Tom Cruise fan. (I had a lovely Cocktail picture on my bedroom door!) I think Tom's films appealed to me, and I think Rob's career sort of slowed in comparison to Tom's - if you look on IMDB, the hits Tom Cruise was making one after the other after The Outsiders.

Anyway... I really need to brighten up my blog, so I googled some Rob Lowe for us.

The reason for reading the book (you maybe asking) is research.

Last year some time, Rob Lowe was sat on the sofa with Bradley Cooper on one of Graham Norton's Friday night shows, and he was promoting his book. He made a comment that Bradley was probably going through what he did back in the 80s early 90s. Light bulb moment told me I needed to read this book, as my second novel is about a A-Lister (who looks a little like Bradley, funnily enough) coming into fame and not being able to find love.

This book is giving me loads of inspiration - especially some  background on the workings of Hollywood, and auditions. I won't do too much of a review, because that will come when I finish reading it. But so far, it hasn't bored me in the slightest. He is telling one amazing story. He's extremely honest and funny, too.


  1. Good god, how young is he in that third one?! :D Cute!

    1. I found a fab The Outsiders picture, which I will share on this blog later. When I leave the review, I think.

      He was born 1964, he was 17 just turning 18 shooting The Outsiders.

      It looks like where Tom Cruise managed to make the right decisions about movies, the ones Rob did (and some of his lifestyle didn't help) manage to not be such hits or totally bombed. I didn't realise how young he must have been when he starred in Wayne's World - and it felt like he'd been around forever and disappeared for a bit too.

      My favourite is the Vanity Fair picture actually. He's quite beefy in that one - my kind of guy :D

  2. I haven't always liked this guy, but I've always liked his face :-)

    1. You know, I think he was young and made a lot of mistakes. He was rolling on stardom, actually realising he was a good looking guy (he was thought of as a nerd in school) and could have any girl he wanted. Reading his book is an eye opener. He actually sounds like a nice guy ;-)

      So far I've found it really engaging and I'm enjoying reading it.

  3. I LOVED that Graham Norton show - he was so down to earth and very funny - both him and Bradley Copper... Now if I had to choose my own Heaven, it would be that sofa on that day!

    I'd forgotten all about Rob Lowe until The West Wing, where he was just great. I think it's time to re-view my box set. And I definitely need to read that book!

    1. If you're a fan of Rob Lowe then you will really enjoy this book. (It was half price on Amazon... and it's in paperback now, so cheaper).

      Oh, yeah, that sofa that night would have been my heaven too :D

      I have not seen The West Wing, (but I did watch the first series of Brothers & Sisters which he also stars (as a political character).


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