Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Secrets

It's a bit late - as the day is almost over - but I've been so busy today (it being half term and needing to entertain the kids) that this is the first chance I've had to post!

Being a romantic novelist (albeit not published - yet) you would think Valentine's Day is important to me. And it is. But I do believe that if you love someone, you shouldn't need a day to tell that someone. You should be telling and showing them every single day.

In fact, I find the romance is lost on Valentine's day. Going out for that romantic meal, and you have to stick to a over-priced set menu, and there are more tables crowded in, rows upon rows of couples, all eating the same food. It feels a little false.

To me, Valentine's is really about the secret admirers. This is a day to tell someone, albeit secretly (unless you're really brave and can face the (possible) rejection) that you fancy the pants off someone.

I've only ever sent one 'secret' card myself when I was about 15 years old (if you exclude the time me and my mate Rachel making quite a few up - cutting out letters from papers, spraying them perfume and all sorts - and sending them out to a few guys for a laugh).

I have received two 'secret' cards, when I was at school (so I was 14-16 years old), and to this day, I haven't the faintest idea who sent them to me. But they still made me feel special. It really did make my day - especially as I considered myself an ugly duckling at school (not that I think I've turned into a beautiful swan now, but I believe I have improved a bit with age lol! Better glasses for a start!). It was kinda cool, yet scary. Especially as one was hand delivered to my home address! (The other had been posted by the postman - so they still knew where I lived, but hadn't actually hand delivered it).

This year, I received so many I had to wade through the cards, flowers, champagne and chocolates in my hallway. All from Adam Levine. Obviously. Oh, there might have been some from Bradley, too...

As it's Valentines, I deserve my favourite picture of Bradley :D

What does Valentines Day mean to you? Have you ever sent a card as a secret admirer? Have you received one? Did you ever find out who your secret admirer was?