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Book Review: Dead And Gone by Charlaine Harris

This review does contain slight spoilers of the book, but I've tried to be as vague as I can.

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Dead and Gone (Sookie Stackhouse, #9)Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris
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Oh no, I've finished this and have no more to read.  (Gotta wait until Book 10 comes out in paperback... I suppose).

I loved this book!  I think this could be one of my favourites out of the whole series - although I loved them all really.

Great escapism! Funny, steamy romance and some sadness in this one as we have to say goodbye to some characters.  Charlaine Harris is not afraid to kill off characters.  She's also not afraid to put poor Sookie through the mill.  A little bit more 'horror' in this book, though done tastefully enough not to make you squeamish but to give you a good idea.

There was enough of Eric to satisfy the taste buds.  I am falling for Eric faster than Sookie me thinks!

And Bill - oh my God at one point I was soooo worried about that vamp.  I still am actually.  I'm a fan of Bill's.  Some think he's boring, but you just know he loves Sookie.

And Niall's fleeting words - exactly, Sookie, which Vamp is he talking about? Although I think it applies to both, I think I know who he was referring.

Maybe I would have liked a little bit more of Sam at the end.  It's so obvious he loves Sookie and wants to free her from the Vampire's hold.  Although Eric's intentions are good, but selfish.  Eric is trying to mean well.  Sookie would probably be a lot safer without their hold... although in this book, the Vamps really do prove their worth.

There was some good stuff talked through with Sookie and Eric too.  I was so glad to read that she doesn't want to be 'converted' at all.

So... now I wait, like the rest of you.  Not sure what I want to read now.  How will anything else compete?

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